Finding issues to work on

If you’re looking to get started, check out the open issues. For simple documentation changes or typos, feel free to just open a pull request.

If you’re considering larger changes or self motivated features, please file an issue and engage with the maintainers in Discord.

Choosing an issue

If you’d like to contribute, please claim an issue by commenting, forking, and opening a pull request, even if empty. This allows the maintainers to track who is working on what issue as to not overlap work.

Issue Guidelines

Please follow these guidelines:

Before coding:

  • choose a branch name that describes the issue you’re working on

While coding:

  • Submit a draft PR asap
  • Only change code directly relevant to your PR. Sometimes you might find some code that could really need some refactoring. However, if it’s not relevant to your PR, do not touch it. File an issue instead. This allows the reviewer to focus on a single problem at a time.