MagicBlock is a network on top of Solana for building a new type of games and consumer applications that are open, decentralized and unstoppable. MagicBlock accelerates and extends Solana’s capabilities while preserving composability.

Why MagicBlock Engine?

MagicBlock introduces a new primitive to accelerate and scale Solana without state fragmentation. Ephemeral Rollups are Just-In-Time, SVM-based runtimes that accelerate state transitions for selected Solana Accounts. Developers can delegate any account from existing Solana smart contracts into the MagicBlock Engine to access faster performances, customizable runtimes and/or dedicated blockspace.

What can I build with MagicBlock?

MagicBlock Engine facilitates the creation of any game and consumer application that aims to be trustless, decentralized and unstoppable.

  • Games that are persistent and can’t be stopped, because they don’t rely on any server or centralized infrastructure (they run entirely on the blockchain)
  • Games that are permissionlessly composable. Because all the game data and logic is open, everyone can extend your game with new content, new logic, or interoperate across games without limits.
  • Autonomous Worlds or any application that leverages decentralization to provide an always-on, global and unstoppable experience.

Where do I start?

You can start building the logic of your game/app with the BOLT framework. If you want to accelerate or scale existing smart contracts operations, check out the Ephemeral Rollups section.