Quick start

MagicBlock is an open-source engine designed for building a new type of games and applications that are open, decentralized and unstoppable.

What can I build with MagicBlock?

With MagicBlock you can build

  • Games that are persistent and can’t be stopped, because they don’t rely on any server or centralized infrastructure (they run entirely on the blockchain)
  • Games that are permissionlessly composable. Because all the game data and logic is open, everyone can extend your game with new content, new logic, or interoperate across games without limits.
  • Autonomous Worlds or any application that leverage decentralization to provide an always-on, global and unstoppable experience.

Can a truly decentralized games be performant?

Yes! MagicBlock engine is optimized for performance and composability. Our ultimate goal is to bring down the latency of decentralized games to 50ms, without server and full interoperabilty with payments, marketplaces, identies, assets and all the cool stuff you can find on Solana.

Can I use MagicBlock to integrate my game with Solana?

Yes you can. While we are optimizing for fully onchain games, we provide some of the best out-of-the-box tooling to integrate your existing game with Solana.

Where do I start?

You can start building the logic of your game with our BOLT framework. If you are looking for scalability/low-latency, check out our the Ephemeral Rollups section instead.